Budget Formulation

For Public Sector

Sherpa provides the software and services to make you successful.  We are dedicated to public sector budgeting, including business process consulting, software implementation, reporting and publishing, and ERP integration.  Our customer focus is unparalleled; our results unmatched.

Budget Formulation and Management (BFM)

BFM is a robust budget preparation application that includes operating and capital budgeting, in-year budget management, performance management, grant planning and management, user fees, and the most comprehensive personnel forecasting engine on the market.  One software.  Great results.

Business Intelligence

Sherpa provides our clients the most complete reporting solution in the industry.  One tool provides user-friendly ad hoc reports and pixel-perfect published reports.


With an average of 18 years of public sector budgeting experience, our team provides expert consulting based on a wide breadth of client successes and challenges.


One solution takes you through the entire budget process.   It is lightweight but powerful.  We designed BFM from the ground up on modern, efficient technologies to ensure BFM will be your long-term budgeting solution.

Our flexible budget forms can be configured for base budget adjustments, decision packages (such as reduction or enhancement packages), monthly spending plans, long-range capital plans, and performance measures.  Every jurisdiction shares common budget processes, but knowing that no two are completely alike, we designed BFM to be highly configurable to ensure the software meets your requirements.


Business Intelligence

Create reports using business language and no technical expertise – but ad hoc solutions and complex formatted reports. We have developed thousands of reports for our clients ranging from budget bills to fund balance reports. All of our reports can start at the total budget level and drill down to the audit-level detail. And our smart database design means our reports are fast – measured in seconds, not minutes.

Business Intelligence



Sherpa is a leader in budget formulation technology

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